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Geosec is a geology based business making microscope slides for anyone interested in Geology. The business was started in 2007 and based at Achnaha in Ardnamurchan, Scotland until 2014.
View from Meall Sanna looking East, including the village of Achnaha.

Made in a Volcano

Achnaha is virtually the centre of a volcano which erupted 60 million years ago. Erosion has stripped away the top of the volcano and what you see now was maybe a mile underground when the volcano was active. Achnaha is surrounded by a ring of crags formed from Eucrite, a type of Gabbro.

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In 2014 the manufacturing of slides was transferred to a new workshop in Lincolnshire. At time of writing (Jan 2016) the Achnaha property is still retained, but all admin and orders are carried out in Lincolnshire.


The slides at Geosec are made by Rob Gill, a jeweller (and gemmologist) for 20 years in Boston, Lincolnshire. A change of career driven by a desire to see daylight saw Rob spend the next 17 years as an agronomist, advising farmers on the technical aspects of growing crops.

A lifelong interest in rocks, and a desire to be able to identify them was sparked by a visit to Montserrat after the eruption of Mt Soufriere.

Rob has retired from his job as agronomist and taken up full time an interest in the making of thin sections that he has pursued for a number of years. July 2007 saw a move to beautiful but remote Ardnamurchan, setting up ‘shop’ in Achnaha in the Tertiary age volcano to be found at the end of the peninsular.

Rob on Etna

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