Location Views

Below are some of the location where samples were collected
Slides of these sample are available at Geosec Slides Store

Etna Summit Cone

ETNA. Summit cone 3330m, from Torre del Filosofo 2920m.

Boccc Nuova, Etna.Bocca Nuova 2

ETNA, Bocca Nuova.

Bocca Nuova (or ‘new mouth’) is one of the craters of the summit cone of Etna, highly active, dangerous and unpredictable. Samples collected from the rocks seen on the ground here


StromboliStromboli Sciara


Stromboli is one of the Aeolian Islands, and is an active volcano, with small eruptions every 10 to 20 minutes. Erupted material falls down the Sciara del Fuoco to the sea. The volcano can be climbed, and the eruptions viewed from a natural terrace slightly higher than the crater floor.

Strombolian EruptionStrombolian EruptionStrombolian Eruption

Strombolian eruptions 2006

Santorini Caldera


Famous for the catastrophic eruption that was reputed to have wiped out the Minoan Civilisation on Crete. The sea filled caldera is spectacular evidence of the power of the eruption. The islands in the centre of the caldera first appeared in Roman times and are still active, the last eruption being in 1950, with currently just fumerolic activity. It is likely, if past patterns are repeated, that the island will grow to fill the caldera and then be destroyed by another catastrophic event.

Santorini South

Kokkino Petra

Fira View


Main Town of Santorini. Excellent for a holiday if you do not suffer from vertigo.

Caldera cliffs Santorini

Caldera cliffs

Built from repeated pumice layers, evidence of many eruptions. Feeder dykes in left photo.

Nea Kameni

Nea Kameni

The volcanically active island. Hot underfoot in places. Dacite samples for slides collected from here.