Mineral Identification Assistant Index

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A visual identification resource for minerals in thin section petrographic microscope slides.
The minerals have been split into three blocks, grouped by relative abundance in rocks.

Mineral Identification Assistant
Block 125 Status
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Identification of minerals in thin sections can be aided by studying as many images of a mineral as possible. The same mineral can look quite different in different rocks. This assistant is designed to give varying views of the same mineral in differing situations. It is not a discourse on the technical characteristics of each mineral, although a link to Mindat is to be found on each mineral page for those wanting technical data.

Common Rock Forming Minerals
Mineral Abr. Status
Ol Active
Cpx. Active
Opx. Active
Hbl. Planning
Plag. Constructing
Afs. Constructing
Qtz. Constructing
Bt. Planning
Ms. Planning
Grt. Constructing
Cal. Constructing
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Frequently Seen Minerals
Mineral Abr. Status
And. Planning
Apatite Ap. Planning
Chlorite Chl. Constructing
Cld. Constructing
Crd. Constructing
Epidote Ep. Planning
Glaucophane/Riebeckite Gln/Rbk Planning
Kaersutite Krs. Planning
Kyanite Ky. Planning
Leucite Lut. Planning
Nepheline Ne. Planning
Serpentine Srp. Planning
Sillimanite Sil. Planning
Staurolite St. Planning
Tourmaline Tur. Active
Tremolite/Actinolite Tr/Act. Planning
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Accessory and Rare Minerals
Mineral Abr. Status
Analcime Anl. Planning
Anthophyllite/Gedrite Ath/Ged Planning
Arf. Planning
Astrophyllite/Lamprophyllite Ast. Planning
Brucite Brc. Planning
Cancrinite Ccn. Planning
Corundum Crn. Planning
Cummingtonite/Grunnerite Cum/Gru Planning
Eudialite Eud. Planning
Fluorite Fl. Planning
Hauyne Hyn. Planning
Jadeite Jd. Planning
Melilite Mel. Planning
Mullite Mul. Planning
Nosean Nsn. Planning
Perovskite Prv. Planning
Piemontite Pim. Planning
Prehnite Prh. Planning
Sapphirine Spr. Planning
Scapolite Scp. Planning
Sphene/Rutile Ttn/Rt. Planning
Spinel Spl. Planning
Talc Tlc. Planning
Topaz Toz. Planning
Vesuvianite Ves. Planning
Wollastonite Wo. Planning
Zircon Zrn. Planning
Zoisite/Clinozoisite Zo/Czo. Planning
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